Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year Already?

At the end of each year I find myself reflecting and wondering how in the world it flew by so quickly. This year is no different. Where does the time go? But in this time of reflection, I see things that I can feel good about. This is really good considering the year that most of us have had! My kids are growing up so fast and it is a great joy to know that they will in time, change from wonderful kids to wonderful adults! It is a blessing beyond measure.
Then I reflect back on the great opportunity I was given: To open my retail store once again. Who would have thought that I would have ever been able to do so. It has been a great joy to reunite with a lot of the customers that came into the old store! The chance to serve new customers and just do be able to do what I love has been truely awesome.
So, I look forward with great anticipation this coming year, 2010! May all of you have a wonderful New Year and be blessed beyond measure!

Happy New Year!

Lisa ~ Southern Lights

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