Thursday, January 27, 2011

1st Day of our Open House...

started out badly. I get to the store and go to turn on the lights and see that the back doorknob had been broken. I cannot open the door from the inside, so I go outside and walk around back to see if there is anything out there. The other side of the doorknob is out on the ground and you could tell that someone had tried to use a crowbar or something like that to open the door. Amazingly when they did tried to pry it open, it jammed the lock into the frame and made it where you could not open the door. I also had another lock on the door, so they still probably would not have gotten in. But what a way to start my day! Urgh!

Thankfully, my day did improve, as I had several friends come by to hang out with me, and fix the door. =) I was so discombabulated (is that even a word?), that I forgot to take any pics! But, the pink and green cupcakes I got from Jackson Bakery were awesome!
Now, hopefully tomorrow will go better! Think Positive!

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